Health benefits

Explore the health benefits of our olive oil

At Two&One, we believe our olive oil is as good for you as taking daily exercise and drinking water, and that there is no other source of energy with such positive impacts for your health.

The fact is that it is not only us who think so – the plentiful health benefits of olive oil are thoroughly documented by numerous scientific studies around the world.

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5 simple ways to use our oil

  1. Drizzle olive oil on toast instead of butter
  2. Substitute butter for olive oil in sandwiches
  3. sprinkle olive oil on your steamed vegetables for your roast meals
  4. add olive oil to your mashed potatoes instead of butter
  5. use it for sautéing and shallow frying

How healthy is your bottle of olive oil?

The health attributes of olive oil depend on several factors, not least which olive variety is used. At Two&One we use the Picual variety, which is packed with healthy natural properties and goodness! Picual olives have one of the highest polyphenol counts among olive varieties meaning it is high in antioxidants and vitamins.

Whilst extra virgin olive oil is considered the best grade of olive oil to deliver strong health benefits, there are wide differences in the health benefits even among extra virgin olive oils.

This is because of factors such as traceability, how the oil was made, how ripe the olives were when harvested, how old the oil is now, how carefully the oil has been stored, and even the altitude of the olive groves.

Discover how at Two&One we take care of all of these factors.

Pure and natural

Whatever your beliefs or your age, olive oil is a win-win for all:

  • vegetarians
  • flexitarians
  • pescatarians
  • vegans

Olive oil is great for people of all ages, including under 18s! Everyone can enjoy it!

Freedom to enjoy

To top it all, because our olive oil is totally natural juice and is made solely by mechanical pressing, it is suitable for all dietary regimes including:

  • nut-free diets
  • dairy-free diets
  • lactose intolerant diets
  • gluten intolerant and coeliac diets

So, for a healthy and balanced diet, take the top off and start pouring Two&One extra virgin olive oil into your life!