Where our olive trees in Spain are nurtured

Many of our olive trees are more than 200 years old

Located in the foothills of Sierra Morena and bounded by Sierra de Segura to the East and Sierra Magina to the South East, our olives trees are grown in a perfect environment – low humidity, minimal winter frosts and long, hot, Andalusian summer days.

Altitude: 300m-610m
Average Temperature: 34.4°C in August, 11.3°C in January
Annual rainfall: 245mm
Summer time humidity: 33%

Our Process

The Olives

The precious fruit from ancestral family olive trees

Premium quality olive oil starts in the olive fields and can only be crafted from the best olives. Our trees grow in fertile, undulating land receiving the nutrients, sunlight, water and care they need to produce premium, healthy olives.

Harvest Time

Hard work, family, tradition and reward!

As September approaches we monitor the ripeness of the olives with increasing frequency, seeking the optimal time to harvest. Traditionally, harvest time started at Christmas each year. In our TWO&ONE journey, we have discovered that harvesting and pressing our olives earlier in the season creates interesting tastes, colours and aromas. Now we have 3 harvests each year:

“Verde” Harvest: early October, when our olives are still green and unripe

“Envero” Harvest: mid November, when our olives are turning colour and ripening

“Negra” Harvest: during the month of December, when our olives are black and fully ripe

The Mill

Where the olives are crushed to release their delicious juice!

Once we have picked our olives they are transported to the mill as quickly as possible – we make the journey within hours so they can be crushed straight away to preserve all their goodness and freshness. The first job is to separate the olives from loose twigs and leaves – we want pure olives!


A completely mechanical process, just like an apple press!

Once the olives have been separated, we crush them into a paste. The olive paste contains solids, olive pulp and pits, as well as liquids, drops of olive oil and plant water. Next, we feed the paste into our clever gadget which we call the “OO Conqueror”

OO Conqueror

Where olive oil starts to appear!

The OO Conqueror turns the olive paste over and over to encourage the drops of olive oil to join together.

After a short while, pockets of olive oil start to appear in the paste. We keep going, making sure the olive paste is turned over and over to reach its optimal consistency, constantly monitoring the temperature too – both crucial elements for obtaining premium extra virgin olive oil. When we think the mixture is right, the olive paste is fed into a high-speed spinning machine called the “Decanter”.

At this moment, the aromas are fantastic! Notes of freshly cut grass and images of summer holidays come to mind!

The Decanter

The first sight of pure olive oil!

At very high speeds, the decanter separates the oil from the rest of the olive paste, including the plant water, extracting the purest, highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Once it is ready, the olive oil flows out of the decanter by itself, looking fresh and juicy and ready to be tasted! By this point, the aromas in the mill are fabulous and now, with our freshly pressed olive oil, the celebrations can begin!

Storing & Bottling

The secrets to keeping olive oil tasting great!

We work extremely hard to make sure we produce the purest olive oil – an olive oil that preserves its rich aromas and tastes from the mill to your table wherever you are. To achieve this, we store our olive oils in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks until our olive oil is bottled into dark vintage green glass bottles. This helps us protect our olive oil from two enemies, light and high temperatures.

Thanks to the high care and attention throughout, Two&One olive oils can preserve their taste and aromas for 2 to 3 years – which is a long time for an olive oil.

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