Heritage tomato, feta and almonds salad

My mum won’t sit at the table until there is a salad as a side dish, and, preferably, a tomato salad, so that we can soak the bread in the olive oil at the end. Indeed, this is one of the first dishes that children learn to prepare when helping in the kitchen, and one that we have most days at home. I have added cheese and almonds to make it a fuller dish.


2 or 3 heritage tomatoes

sea salt crystals

2 tbsp Envero extra virgin olive oil

100g feta or goat cheese

30g almonds roasted and roughly chopped

Basil leaves (optional)

Takes 5 mins – serves 2


Slice the tomatoes and arrange them mixing colours and shapes. Crumble the cheese and scatter it over the tomatoes, sprinkle it with sea salt crystals and drizzle it generously with Envero extra virgin olive oil. Finish the salad with the roasted almonds and some basil for additional colour.

You can substitute the cheese for butter beans for a vegan option.