Underpinning Two&One’s sustainability strategy are two of our core values – authenticity and transparency. Not only do we wish to provide extra virgin olive oil to a standard of excellence, we are seeking to do so in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Preserving local heritage

Two&One olive oil comes from traditional (not intensive) olive groves which promote biodiversity, preserving an eco-system that has not changed for generations. Most of our olive trees are over 200 hundred years old with lots of free space surrounding them – they could be described as ‘free range olive trees’.

Best farming practices

Two&One is a member of the Asociación de Producción Integrada (API), a local farming scheme in Andalusia which promotes best farming practices and creates a sustainable, natural environment for biodiversity to flourish and for the olive trees to produce their best fruit.

The scheme imposes controls and restrictions which are designed to support natural ecosystems minimising human intervention and allowing nature to work on its own.

Recyclable materials

At Two&One, we have a recycling mindset and strive to minimise our use of plastic. We use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary, opting for glass, paper, tin, and cardboard instead wherever possible.

In our farming practices, we recycle pruning cuttings by turning them into mulch that enriches the soil.

Our glass bottles are also good at being repurposed too!

Our contribution to the planet

Olive trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in the soil and in their branches, trunks and leaves – a process known as carbon sinking or biological carbon sequestration.

Recent studies have shown that for each annual cycle, an olive tree is capable of ‘sinking’ significantly more CO2 than is generated through growing olives and producing oil from them.

Alfonso, Lola’s father, planted more than 1,000 olive trees during his lifetime, and was able to see most of them reach maturity. In fact, unbeknownst to all, the last day that Alfonso spent with all his grandchildren together was planting an olive tree, symbolising the tradition of olive trees passing to the next generation.

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Tables foster great conversations… We often find friends and family enjoying our olive oils around a table  –  at home, outdoors, in pubs and restaurants – Two&One olive oil brings people together!