After many years celebrating our children’s birthdays at home, I have tried many menus and many party bag ideas, always trying to find something different and avoiding landfill toys.

I have discovered how much children love snack sized portions of their own, and how much they enjoy to pour their own bottle of olive oil to dip bread in, so simple, and yet so special; or to drizzle olive oil on their homemade pizzas to add a different touch.

And what about the party bags? Nothing like a little continuation of the fun: a sourdough starter and a bottle of Two&One olive oil for them to bake and share with their loved ones when they get home.


A cake

Warm bread or pizzas

One sitting range

Small plates for dipping



“At our daughter’s 16th birthday party, I loved listening to her friends gastronomical opinions as they were passing the bottle of Verde olive oil round the table finishing off their pizzas.”