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For those that enjoy luxury and the finer things in life, Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of them! We use only the finest olives from the best olive trees for our Verde harvest – with no exceptions. It is crafted from olives whilst they are still vibrantly green and before they are ripe… and because they are collected early in the season, not all of our trees are ready for the harvest so supply is limited. On top of this, the olives are less mature and lower in weight which means we need to collect more of them to make each bottle of Verde.

Verde is beautifully fresh and clean. With production limited you might want to consider buying yourself a case before we run out!

Tasting notes

Verde has an intense emerald green colour at first. Bursting with fresh and unripe herby aromas and earthy green notes of freshly cut grass that follow through to the palate with a zing. This is a refreshing olive oil with hints of avocado, nuts and rosemary; and persistent peppery aromatics on the finish.

Technical Info

  • Name: TWO&ONE Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Harvest Date: October
  • Olive Variety: Picual
  • Suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan diets: Yes
  • Gluten Free: Yes
  • Season to use: all year round
  • Storage: keep in moderate temperature environments – 10 to 20°C is ideal. Store away from sunlight and other packaging containing strong flavours. Olive oil can be come cloudy if stored at less than 7°C. This is not harmful and will become clear again on warming.

Ideal for

  • Drizzling on pasta
  • Dipping with bread
  • Salad dressing
  • Drizzling on steamed vegetables
  • Drizzling on diced tomatoes
  • Drizzling on pizzas
  • Toast and sandwiches


1 review for 250ml Verde

  1. Rebecca H.

    It tastes very green, fresh and virgin. I use this on its own so I can taste it with salads and dipping.

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